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About Us

Transcendence Through Quality,

Fractals Amid Chaos

Enlightened Quality Analytics, LLC was founded with a single mission: to help companies excel through quality management.

We work with clients in the cannabis, food, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and environmental fields to assess risks, identify compliance and quality gaps, improve processes and implement solutions to help your company shine among the rest.

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What We Do

EQA Is Ready To Support Your Path Toward Excellence

EQA features diversely experienced professionals with robust backgrounds in parallel industries including the cannabis, food, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and environmental industries. We enjoy working through unique challenges to support process and operational improvement implementations that ensure your company's success and path toward continuous improvement.


EQA has thousands of hours of unparalleled technical expertise, regulatory background as well as auditing and development experience in ISO Quality Management Systems (QMS) and FDA/CFR/GMP compliance. We are in the business of helping our clients recognize and manage risks, capture opportunities, achieve and maintain accreditation to international standards, produce scientifically-valid data, and develop testing schemes that help ensure products are safe and consistent.

Your success is our success. We can provide all the on-going support and/or training that is needed to maintain the systems we help put in place. Your investment in quality assurance is the missing link that will consistently provide a quality product and retain your repeat consumers.


EQA’s mission is to provide solution-oriented-support for organizations in the cannabis, environmental, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement fields. Whether you are just getting started or getting ready to scale your business on an international level. EQA provides the operational and quality management systems necessary to compete and grow beyond the mezzanine tiers of the industry.

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