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We Understand Cannabis

Unlike many technical consultants reaching out to the Cannabis industry, our team features members with extensive experience with Cannabis and the Cannabis industry ranging from cultivation, extraction, product manufacturing, testing, regulatory development, and regulatory auditing. Whether you need help with regulatory compliance, or simply need to improve products or processes, we are ready to support your company's success.

Bringing Enlightened Quality to the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is facing a number of quality and regulatory concerns. Most states that have legalized cannabis for medicinal or adult-use demand product testing by a laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 standards. Cultivators and processors are recognizing the uncaptured risk throughout their supply chain with the lack of ISO 9001 and cGMP processes.  Additionally, regulations are frequently changing, making it challenging for Cannabis companies to remain compliant.

We touch on the gaps and risks in your systems and help you decide where quality assurance components are required, where they are being applied well, and where they need development to reduce risk.


For Cannabis Producers:

From supplier evaluation, source material qualification, equipment validation, process optimization and validation, and final product packaging review we can help you mitigate liability from any supply chain event through the implementation of robust quality management systems. EQA offers customized testing schemes to develop and qualify products; balancing regulatory and consumer specifications. Enlightened Quality Analytics has the critical background in quality assurance skills that can guide, train, and assist your staff in meeting the goals of your unique operation.

For Cannabis Testing Labs:

Our team has literally helped write some of the standards that laboratories in some states must follow for Cannabis testing. Many of our members have experience working in and managing analytical laboratories. We are prepared to help you enhance your lab's quality standards, assist internal audits to identify non-conformances, assess compliance readiness, develop and validate methods, source equipment, and more.

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